Hello to Everybody

My name is Rasper69 and I am 69 yrs old and from the dark continent of Africa and specifically from South Africa from where the bright light for Africa is shining ever so bright.
Life seems to be in a turmoil all over the world, and everywhere people is experiencing something outside the ordinary.
So I am here to catch up on Forex because it fascinated me since my school day’s and it is possible to do some trading where ever I might be, whether with my daughter in USA or the one in Down-under or the one in Kiwi land.
It is also true that the world has become very small in these modern day’s.
I admit that I do not know anything about Forex but passion makes the difference I believe.
I am wishing everyone only the best of success with each and every endeavor.


Hello and welcome to the forum, hope you will gain a lot in this Forum.