Hello traders from babypips!

Hi guys! i am so grateful for the finding babypips.com! i’ve briefly read through the education babypips is providing for free! the (school) tab. and i am sure that is sufficient knowledge for me to make some pips from the forex market if i am able to master the skills there properly! anyway, lets make some friends in this new place, i am a 23years old university guy from malaysia! i have already attended a forex course and i consider myself as a beginner trader because i hasnt done really well! i trade two 1k USD account with maximtrader. my favourite currency pairs would be usd/jpy , eur/usd and gbp/usd. How about you guys? :33: . By the way, has anyone gone through the education of babypips? :31::31:

What’s up tommy and we’re glad to hear you’re finding BabyPips.com helpful in your forex education! Our School is a great place to learn the about the forex market and the fundamental skills to develop your own trading program. After that, it’s all on you to practice and stay disciplined. We hope you can make it all the way through and share more of ideas with us here in the forums. Good luck!

Hi pipcrawler! Thanks im sure I’ll find the education helpful and and definitely need some time to master all the skills. :slight_smile: