Hello trading world ! :)

I’m new to the trading community and is hoping to pursue my mentality with the importance of trading and understanding the works and perks of numbers that result in a better profit for myself… Hoping one day to be CEO of my on brands but in order to do so, i need a would need a supporting team, which I know forex to be very supportive and encouraging… So, here I am connecting with you all ! :slight_smile:


Welcome @Raji_3

Your welcom

Welcoooome @Raji_3! :blush: That’s such a bold goal and I love it. :smiley: I hope you achieve it and I’ll always be rooting for you! :smiley:

welcome to this community and best of luck for all time for you, happy trading

good luck Mate for you. and most welcome

Great deal, CEO of which niche do you plan to become if you really do not mind that matter or something like that ? Care to get me going for whatever reasons ? I do not like you a lot with some small things or tickets. Let’s make it really possible, go on please.

Hello and welcome to the future CEO! :blush: Happy learning and we’re all here to support you! Good luck!

Welcome to babypips @Raji_3. Good luck on your trading journey. :blush: