Hello, we are Streetrader. Happy to discuss

They’ve got plenty of examples like this one on their twitter feed & website if folks are that interested in viewing them
Come on peeps use a little initiative!

thank you speed bump!

I don’t know if giving a link in this forum is allowed.

and more addition, in term of trading strategy, we DONT HAVE NEW strategy. just an old buy at support and sell at resistance strategy. you may laugh on it. but its true. We really have no sophisticated strategy of trading.

what we do is a strong mindset of risk management. thats all. for you who expect to see new approach of strategy, be prepared for disappointment. because in fact, in our opinion, there is no best strategy, and there is no new approach in the market. They are all the same. Buy when people want to buy (that is support area). Sell when people want to sell (resistance).

what make it different is, mindset. :slight_smile:

They’re not too keen on folks linking away from Babypips to other domains, but you can post charts & other stuff of relevance.

hmmm, now where have i often read views of a similar nature?!?
oh yeah, there was another one posted just recently here…

Can we see some live-trade examples of “buying when people want to buy” and “selling when people want to sell” and, the corresponding risk management approach to executing those trades?

this is the most recent trade we made. still running. sell at resistance. risk 1.xx% of traded capital. already took half profit on latest support. with cutloss level moved to breakeven point. so total risk is 0% already.

you can see it at tradingviewdotcom. we posted all of our trades there.