Hello World - Greeting from Pakistan

This is Janjua from Pakistan. I’m an indie games dev.

I’m a complete newbie in the filed of forex trading. My introduction to forex trading came via a friend who happened to come across a person who is supposedly trading in Forex and he wanted us to invest with him and he was going to give me a fixed amount of ROI on a monthly basis, the offer was too good to be true and it made me sceptical to the point of me starting to sniff around in the forex community.

I came across an a forex trading app called OCTAFX and created a demo account on it and started trading to it using demo money. I’m getting quite infatuated by it because I’m getting returns/profits on this app with negligible to no loss.

Now I was tempted to put real money into this app and start trading for real. But then I started to do a bit more research, joined the forex communities on reddit and from there I landed on babypips.

So here I’m ready to delve deeper. I would highly appreciate any and all advice in this regard.

My end goal right now is to learn more of this and start trading for real using the knowledge I gain here.


Trading is kind of mind game. So, always try to trade with clear and sound mind.