Hello world - just start to use this platform

hello world - just start to use this platform

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Hello you :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of trading! I would suggest you to scribble around the demo account for a while to get the hang of trading. Good Luck!

Hello and welcome. Get started with the best approach and that’s start learning all about the trade with The School of Pipsology. You’ll get to know everything about the technical tools and instruments used to better your trade. Believe me, without knowing and understanding what you’re getting into, it’ll eventually make you lose.

If you have just started using this platform then it will be a great help for you, because there are a lot of good learning resources on this forum.

Welcome! You’ve landed at the right destination to learn and know about forex trading. Considering you’re new, how about you go clicking the green education button and kick start your forex learning journey. Read the threads and discussions on this forum for you’ll learn plenty.

sounds really good that you have joined with this knowledgeable forum , i hope you will enjoy the environment , feel free to ask question you need top know , its a most friendly forum we have from all in online , so happy trading.

hi and welcome , have a very good journey , generally its a most popular and knowledgeable forum for only beginners level.

Helllo :slight_smile:

Try babypips.com/school

You can also find other references here…

i hope you have chosen the right place , good going , happy trading.