Hello Y’all! Just doing what it requires

I want to be a millionaire sooooo freaking badddd

Get a regular job and start saving. FX trading has no golden apples in the market or we’d all be millionaires.

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Welcome to the community, @Solfeggio. Not saying it’s impossible but it will be a long way to even earning consistently. Good luck on your trading journey.

Don’t we all? :sweat_smile: Haha. But contrary to popular belief, forex isn’t really a get-rich-quick type of thing. :confused: It takes a loooot of time and experience before you even become profitable. :open_mouth: Are you up for that?

That’s great but no one turns millionaire in one night in the Fx market. Learn and start the process. Soon, you will achieve a good amount of profit returns.

Everyone wants to become a millionaire but it looks like forex trading is not an easy way to earn millions. You will have to do your share of hard work to make huge profits in the market.

Hey, don’t expect to become a millionaire instantly by trading forex. It’s not any get-rich scheme. It takes years of consistent efforts to make money in the market. I humbly suggest you to make realistic expectations and focus on learning if you want to be a successful trader.

Depending on how old you are open a tax wrapper account like an ISA in the UK or Roth IRA in the States and make regular contributions over your working life and you might get there. Relying on trading to do this for you will have the opposite effect.

Shoot for the stars my man

Hey, I hope that you get to achieve your dream but forex trading won’t help you with that. The first few years would be full of losses and you won’t even be able to find out what went wrong. So, if you are in search of quick profits, find a good job.

Sameeeeeeee lol

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