A great hello to everyone!

I am from Hungary and I’m trading currencies now for almost 1,5 year. I do it on a daily basis. I trade only Hungarian Forint (HUF) pairs, namely EURHUF, USDHUF, GBPHUF, AUDHUF (based on 75% technical, 25% fundamental). Hope to find buddies with sismilar interests, talk about constructive ideas.


Good day mmaarrttoonn,

Interesting, how is the spread when trading HUF pairs, which broker do u trade with?

Hi mrmoleman

During hungarian opening hours, the spread is usually 20-40 pips (depending on the ccy pair). This might be shocking to those who are used to 2-3-4 pip spreads, but the average daily trading range is around 200-300 pips. However, while european markets are closed, spreads can reach 150-200 pips.
I trade with Equilor which is a hungarian brokerage firm.