Help a noobie navigate the valley of GBP/USD

Goodday House, I trust we’re all doing fine.
Please I’m new to trading, and wanted to ask for some price help.

I’ve been trying RSI and following the daily trends, but I’m yet to understand how to trade GBP/USD.

I’m a day trader and would really love to hear the best way you Day-trade GBP/USD.

Ps. I enjoy long stories :innocent::wink:

Hi, I think you should visit daily charts :slight_smile: Regards Greg

Thank you for your reply sir… I am not very sure I understand what you mean Sir.

Could you please explain it to me.
Are you referring me to a website or…

its been a difficult pair to trade recently with the election and brexit so best to watch until it settles down

No sir, just Greg :slight_smile: .Daily chart I mean D1 chart, day trading is more difficult and you should get more practice before start trade on lower time frames…

Learn from going forward.

Tomorrow. Monday, cable will rise early - caused by rumors regarding a brexit trade deal.

Then maybe look at the half-way mark of any rise from say a base of 1.3200 and figure a good chance of falling back to that point.

The rise could be around 1.3320 - wait for the turn, then sell down - on demo of course :slight_smile:

It was a case of buy the rumor etc - it rose a bit more than expected but then sold off.

Now the area of interest will half the move 1.3350 - see if that gets hit reasonably soon then if no sign of a deal then back down :slight_smile:

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Don’t overestimate the fruitfulness of RSI.

Ok how the from do I post my intro?!?! Can’t find tab

I can’t find it either. I think there’s none. Just this beginners’. But I’ll keep browsing. I’ve seen a lot of informative threads here.

Have you found it? I’m sure it’s just somewhere here. I think I’ve read one about it before. I’ll find it for you.