Help me find a good broker

I am new in forex. have tried several demos and now need to open a live account. I am searching for a good broker, with friendly spreads, high leverage and easy yet loaded platform. Also one that can take visa debit cards from africa. I have experience with a broker that literally refused to take my visa card claiming that their system cannot take a visa that has an expiry date of 2017.

If you’ve tried several demos, why wouldn’t you open a live account with one of the platforms that you’re familiar with? You would obviously know which platform is the easiest to use, as well as what the spreads are with each broker.

You’ll probably have trouble finding a broker willing to take a credit card from Africa, since the fraud rate is extremely high. I would be a little suspicious of the date, too. Nine years seems like a long expiry date to me.

You might also want to take some time to look in the forum that this post is in. It’s full of people’s experiences with brokers. A little effort on your part will get you what you need.