Help Me Understand - Slippage?

hi all,

great forum here. i’m a stock and options trader who recently put that part of my portfolio on auto-pilot so i could learn to trade the forex. i committed a cardinal sin for a newbie by attempting to trade the NFP report last friday. here’s my question: i had a stop at 1.3550 and due to the volatility, got stopped out, but my chart for the day says the price never hit 1.3550. the low was 1.3553. is this the big gripe referred to as slippage?? i imagined slippage would always occur to the downside (ie. i have a stop at 1.3550, the price plunges below that and i get stopped out a much lower price). i feel like i was robbed! is it even worth the time to write my broker or is this all too common?

UPDATE: never mind. i just realized i was looking at the ASK chart, not the BID, so my stop was within the spread.

Read up on the spread. The bid/ask thing.