Help with Oanda Platform?

Everytime i put trendlines, channels…etc when i close the platform and open it again, everything gone and disappear. How to save my analyzing works before closing the platform???

If you select the “Tools” tab you’ll see the “Save Current Profile” option.

Worked, thx.

I hope it’s ok to use this old thread as I’m having the same problem currently.
I did try “save current profile” as suggested before and found out it works, but only for trend lines I draw on the main window (I’m not sure how it’s called, excuse me). I prefer using the advanced charting option and it doesn’t save the trend lines there. It does save the indicators I’ve used most of the time, but no lines or Fibonacci. I looked everywhere, but I can’t find an option to save those. Is it possible at all?

My understanding was that the new version saves as a default … forgive me if my information is out of date or otherwise mistaken (which it might be), but have you tried pressing the “F12” key before exiting the window?

Oh, I think I found my trend lines. I had to zoom in and out a couple of times, but they suddenly showed. I have no idea how it happened, but thank you, Lexys!