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Let’s face it. Forex can be a pain at times.

It’s unpredictable and challenging, but there’s just something that keeps us coming back for more… something we love or, at least, like about it. We know love month just ended, but that’s not going to stop us from wanting to know what you love most about forex trading. It could be a simple reason, or a completely complicated one-- whatever it is, we want to hear it!

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What do you love most about forex trading?

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Whether you’re new to trading, or you’ve been doing it for a long time now, there must be something you love about it! So go ahead and share it with us. You know we love it too!

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Nothing! I hate it.

But… The aim of trying to defeat this bunch of random chaos and making money while doing so is ironically the reason I’m still here. I love randomness, Forex trading is always Challenging me to a contest, I haven’t won YET!

There are many things I love about trading, on the top of the list is of course financial freedom (with knowledge not to mention) as well as time freedom, yeah you will be busier than even a Prime Minister when London and NY Session kicks in, but apart from it, its all you time. You off work on weekends, public holidays, and maybe friday half day if you like, you are boss of yourself, thats the best. You can spend your time with your family and friends, never get busier if you chose not to. Economy is an important part of trading, honestly if I am not a trader, I dont really give a sh*t about world issues and economy, so thanks to trading I need to keep myself up to date to these news. Also, the art of trading is just awesome, the challange is unbeatable, you know when you got good setup and nice confirmation, you put up nice cash, and suddenly the price go against you big times. and the other times when you enter high risk position and without you knowing its running marathon and fast, wow, how nice is that. Its the experience of when you trading, and from the time you starting to trade, keep trying and hustling your way in, that whats make it beautiful. Lastly, because anybody can be successful in trading, with much discipline, knowledege and all, and there is no trading that never losses no matter how good and experienced you are, which is keep trading nice and simple, and you will never stop learning. Thank you.


The resemblance it has with real life experiences. Trading life mirrors your physical life. I love the money game, especially the crowd psychology when I make money and everyone is losing

Well I’m just starting out in this adventure of forex trading so what I love the most is the opportunity to learn. I’ve already learned lesson #1 if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re going to lose money!
So I’m investing in myself now, using all the resources Babypips has to offer, reading, paper trading and the works.
I know it will be a long and winding road, but hopefully with a happy ending :slight_smile:

I love the learning process and the problems you encounter.
Finding solutions or reasoning to these problems, the forex community and potential opportunities are so wild and only limited to your imagination.

The fact that there is no limit, you can always earn more and learn more

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I love forex because it sharpens my mental faculties. It also aids my emotional development. There are times when the market goes against me, and I try to control my emotions in order not to make things worse for myself.

I didn’t earn anything yet but i love it becauseit Kills my free time and maybe i win someday

I realized that silver and gold are not found on the surface until one digs deeper. Forex brings challenge to action and only serious minded people can explore it. I love challenge and I believe I can make a lot of money out of forex.

That warm fuzzy feeling when I wake up to see my TP was triggered overnight. It gives me confidence in my system.


Forex has actually increased my faith life, I trade to raise money for my school fees and take care of siblings that are depending on me for financial survival. No matter how much I loose in trading, even though sometimes I cried, but it never made me say or think negatively about how God loves me, instead of feeling down I pick worship songs and sing praises to God and pray. After that I will feel so happy and comtempted. Forex has taught me to accept whatever life throws at me.


euphoric Highs and the catastrophic Lows = Mood fluctuations

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Financial freedom

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Living in South Africa is flippin hard… the minimum wage in the US is about 1.5x higher than a decent managerial wage here so trading forex is one of the only ways that I can make some extra money to support my family… I love it because of the uncertainty and thrill of it all… Staring that screen down… saying stuff like “do you feel lucky punk” or actually more like “please go up… no… up!!!”. It’s like the best roller coaster ride where if you survive the mid loop derailment you get paid… what a best!!!

I have a friend who trades Forex. He owes me money and told me that he had a surefire way to make it back for me. All I had to do was make a deposit to an account and in just a few days, he’d have it back for me.

He lost 90% of my deposit in a matter of days. Most of it was gone in just a few hours.

I was hooked. I looked at a few pairs and thought, “What an easy way to make money!” Right. A few forays into markets convinced me that perhaps I didn’t know a lot. I started studying and worked my way through babypips, then studied a few others, started investing in a demo account and am now working with a live account and trying to recover some of the money I lost at the beginning in my live account. One of these days. But it is fun and fascinating and I will eventually succeed at this thing.

In the meantime, my friend still owes me money. If he ever pays it back, I’m putting it into my forex account.

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I haven’t started trading yet but i am learning The market on this precise site and complementing my knowledge with youtube. This site has been a great help and we are all blessed to have a free site like this one to learn about the biggest market in the world.
I will definitely invest the money into the market if i win. This could give me a taste of what it is like to trade.

What do I like about forex?
Well I love a lot of things about forex, the transparency and openess is what I love the most. No manipulations, no cheating. Though its risky but should be played safe.

There and back again.

Forex and trading in general has became a hobby, a sport, a focus. I live in a calm place with stonewalls, books and beautiful landscapes. All quiet as the ruins that remains from the Greeks.

But inside I’m nothing but quiet. From 7am until 1am I’m on a big adventure, chasing pips and recognizing patterns. My ‘‘coffe trades’’ on forex + my indice strategies keep me at 110% during all day. From coffe to coffe I surf the news trying to understand what’s the actual sentiment of things that happen miles away.

It’s rather a solitary sport, and it needs to be like that!

Finally, what I love is exactly this! Run my own agenda while my job, my studies and my life happens.
It’s a big puzzle that no one knows the answer, and I confess I’ve became quite obsessed.


The financial freedom,mastering to conquer greed and fear when trading. Forex makes me a better person every day every trade.