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I am definitely not a nerd or video game freak but I consider trading the ultimate challenge. You learn a skill, you learn to be disciplined; and if you are successful at applying the skill set effectively, you can earn an unlimited amount of money.
I will trade until my brain stops working. I will NEVER stop learning and improving my trading skill set!!

Forex market is vey dynamic and very volatile ecspecially at the open of london and New York session, love it most when an opportunity presents itself based on my Rule based stratergy,i make some pips and that makes me very happy,Forex Trading also keeps blood running fast i my veins ths my evening im damn tired tired,i sleep like a babypipdiddy at night.

the flexibility, stress and massive return at your own pace and control

The fact that you can do everything by yourself. You can teach yourself, you can trade by yourself. It offers so much flexibility! :relaxed:

I fell in love with forex trading when I made my first dollar. Then 2 weeks later I couldn’t win a trade at all. Then a month later I made $4000 in one night! That is why I love trading forex!

Forex trading -
Many have done it from an early age, without even realising it…
We go to the airport and exchange one currency for another.
Forex trading online through a platform (e.g. ThinkMarket’s ThinkTrader App) means you have the ability to do it even when you aren’t heading through an airport. The flexibility and convenience of technology now means we can alter our portfolios and trade whenever we like.

What I like about forex trading is that it offers you an opportunity to learn and grow, no matter how smart you are forex trading will humble you , no matter how foolish or dumb you are, if you are open, willing to learn and committed for long term never end improvement it will cause you to grow !

As with any business, it has it’s ups and downs - but the best thing is that i’ts just me and the charts. I don’t have to sell, drive traffic, manage campaigns, hire, fire, have inventory, ETC and can work when i want for the most part. IF done with patience and the right account balance, money can be made to replace income on a regular basis

As a newbie I have come to realize that if one misses a good opportunity to take in profits s/he should not worry as set-ups show up day in and day out. However ,one has to learn the trading skills as locking in profits will not be on silver platter.

By dint of hard work, I am now able to minimize mistakes and for that matter losing trades. Insofar as any situation in the global economies presents another opportunity to traders ,I am motivated to love forex trading and not just quit trading because of my recent bad trading performance.

Firstly i love the idea of it giving me financial freedom and secondly i guess it has taught me a lot about keeping my emotions in check and my ■■■■ together.

What I love most about trading is that it kicks you in the guts with unexpected twists and turns, but also motivates you to fail forward and grow as a trader and individual.

I love the feeling of a winning trade that followed my plan; a plan that included at least (1) new trading tip I learned previously blended with at least (1) “lesson learned” from previous losses. The hope that I am actually progressing as I learn produces a great High that lasts all day!

Yay! :smiley: Haha. Another giveaway. Hope I get picked this time. :crossed_fingers:

Anyway hmmm. :thinking: There’s so many things I love (and hate) about forex. :sweat_smile: But if I were to choose, I’d go with how forex introduced me to the Babypips community. :blush: It’s been a really great place for me, and without forex, I would never have “met” the super nice people here. :slight_smile:

Repetitive nature of candlesticks and its high accuracy.

Forex lead me not to give up a wish,working hard sacrifice and experience can achieve the Dreams come true so I love Forex.

I love the learning, … constantly

Anticipation, for sure…

Continuous learning, unpredictable

Just started… I love the whole thing! The analysis, the charts, the news, the crazy feeling you get when your trade goes/doesn’t go your way… it’s all very exciting to me as it is new. :stuck_out_tongue:

I first knew about forex about 3 years ago. Since then , I have fallen in love with due to the mental pressures it offers sometimes and mostly the prospect of been financially independent