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First and famous, I like the financial freedom FOREX does offer and the flexibility in doing Forex. With FOREX you are the boss to yourself. Self reliance is an excellent factor I love about FOREX. One might be busy during the trading period, but one will always have time off to relax and reflect.


Forex trading is a recession proof business for me. You can earn money in whatever economic condition

What I like about forex trading is leverage and you can develop your patience and desipline skills. On this game you will know of what kind person you are, based how you handle your emotion and psychology.

In answering this question the most definite, top of the list reason is the fact that I can work in my PJs! I mean being able to work from the comfort of my home, or a beach in Trinidad (where I reside and I’m usually at), has to be the most appealing factor to provide me with that financial freedom I have always wanted. Working at a desk has been an option that flew out my window, ever since I was exposed to this treat! But besides this obvious ultimate convenient reason, the forex market is open 24hours a day, 5 days a week. It never sleeps but provides me with sleeping privileges instead. This makes it possible for me, having an already busy schedule to be able to take advantage of the different time zones to be able to trade at any time of the day or night. As a recent graduate, still currently paying off student loans, ‘forex trading’ itself was generous enough to be able to assist me in starting with a minimum deposit of $200 US, as well as allowing me to determine the lot sizes that I want to trade with. Talk about another plus! This made it super accessible to start, since I did not have a large capital available. TIght spreads within the market as well, make forex trading costs much lower than those of any other trading market (learnt this from experience). Also, the liquidity levels of the market are also large which makes my larger orders being triggered instantaneously without price deviations. All in all, I am super greatful to babypips who introduced me to such a dynamic and efficient way to make money from home. Something I’ve always wanted to be exposed to and be a part of. These are the main reasons as to why I’m so in love with trading forex!

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Forex trading is the most complicated activity where we can bring out our inner brain/analysis/intelligence capability. I’m really fond of puzzle game, maybe that’s why I love it, anyone who hates forex when he/she enters forex for nothing except money-dimension only. Achieving there is a life-changing experience.

Another thing I love about forex trading is that it speaks about our behavior well where we can learn how to be disciplined and patient, can make a better life if not taking it lightly. Be it physically, mentally or spiritually., pushes a better management.

Lastly, Forex is where we can play double coin unlike any other trading instruments which has to be on one side of the coin.

I’m just starting out as a new trader,blown one account.i love forex because it has helped me improve in my personal life,I’ve learnt to take accountability for my mistakes that have led to losses,to push myself to learn more about trading even when I’m tired from school,to orgarnise myself to make time for trading and to pick myself up,re-asses my actions and get back on the horse.

it’s challenging

I have always had this passion to make money from home, and when forex trading was introduced to me, I grab the opportunity at once,
Since than I have always know that forex trading is one of the means of me being financially free.
I really love forex, because I can now trade from my bed, and the wonderful thing is that FOREX is the biggest financial market and one can start with amount as low as $100.
Above all, I love forex because I can start trading and making money from home.

The freedom, the thrill, the boring, the need to keep up with the world news, the challenge, the unpredictable, the learning about the craft and more important about yourself…

Forex Trading and life is very similar.keeping it real,believing in yourself and having that faith that it will be well as you do the right things always matters a lot in life as well as in Forex. Even in difficult times,when you look back to the past you would be glad.

I love that if you make the effort to find a system that works to find high probability trade setups, combine it with good money management practices and the right attitude in general, with good discipline and psychology awareness, amazing things start to happen. Here is a real, positive opportunity for ordinary people like me. Thank You!

I like it because it is mind tasking and I prefer that to a manual labour. It’s also a replica of life. We won’t always win because sometimes we lose but the greatest virtue is patience

Exciting and i love seeing trend goes opposite what the usual indi says… lolz

I Love it being open 24/5
I love it in a such a way that I can trade it anywhere in the world with just my smart phone and a strong network connection…Forex is my life… Still learning

I love the freedom forex provides and the fact of learning how to do something well and getting paid well for it

Hoping one day to be in the 1% that’s routinely taking money off the big banks, Robin Hood style. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::bow_and_arrow:

I love the UPs and DOWNs…that makes my life beautiful and meaningful!

Forex trading is just such a big metaphore for many important decisions in life…
Learning how to trade forex has been a true mirror and a true eye opener for me and still is every day.

If you are in a discussion with other people, you can always be stubborn in following your own opinion, avoiding taking into account other people’s perspectives, let alone empathizing with them.

If you show this behavior in trading, you get punished right away. And then again. And again.
The only way to become successful is opening up to seeing the reality from a different perspective, grow an agile mindset, learn to be patient and disciplined.

I firmly believe that becoming a better trader gives you the tools to become more successful in life as a whole and become a better person altogether.

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Living in a developing country can really cripple the possibility of one making as much money as someone who lives in a developed country. Forex trading gives me exactly the same opportunity to study the market, place a trade and if correct earn the same amount of money as someone in a developed country. This is not possible working as an engineer or accountant for driver in each country. This is why forex trading is worth every single effort to me. Make it or die trying.


I love the discipline that Forex Trading teaches.
It’s a “game” between you and the market.
No excuses. If you lose, you take responsibility for it.
If you over trade, it’s your fault.
If you take it personal and revenge trade, it’s your fault.
If you trade without a strategy, it’s your fault.
If you trade without back-testing your strategy, it’s your fault.

It’s you and your laptop, you have no one else to blame. Self-discipline is a must in order to succeed in this business.
After many many losses, you eventually learn how to be disciplined. And this enriches you even in other aspects of your life.

This is what I love about Forex Trading.

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