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I prefer the perception of self education instead of academic system. That’s the reason I always try to find new things to learn making difference with my life, especially financial freedom. And doing so I came across with forex trading and i was intrigued but I didn’t really give my time to learn for so many months.
Last year on October 2019 I decided to get serious with forex trading and started learning bit by bit watching video lessons , strategies from YouTube . I found out this website from YouTube at one guy giving tips for newbies about forex trading. And I learned so much from babypips and still lots to learn.
Thanks a lot.

What love most? Its the possibility to be my own boss, to make my own decision, to trade when I want and have the lifestyle I want.

I have worked on ships for many years, many birthdays have been missed, many Christmases and other holidays missed, many times I have had delayed crew changes due to weather or change of plans.

However with forex, no more will I miss birthdays, miss Christmases ( I missed 5 in a row) and I will travel when I want and where I want…

I have the challenge every day of making sure that the trades I take follow my trading plan, I aim for and excel past my goals.

I build my life, my way.

I don´t trade yet (because I’m still learning) but I’m really enjoying to learning this Forex thing because of the unpredictability of the market and, at the same time, the tools we have and the way we intrepret them to fight the market

I love how babypips teacges me so much things about forex… I believe babypips is the best teacher for tgose wanting to know about forex… Thats why i advise all my riends to babypips. Com to learn more

The fact I’m continuously learning. And not just technically, but about my personality (Psychology) and how I manage risk.

What I’m learned in forex has spilled over to how I am in the rest of my life.

It’s a constant challenge - but a rewarding and fulfilling one.

I loved the fact that I could practice strategies and learn for two months, free on a Demo account. Then I loved putting my mentors strategy into practice for real and even though I lost $300 in two months, I learned a lot more about trading. I love the fact that there are Many strategies that can work in Forex. I found a different strategy and it is working better than my last one. I love going through all the major pairs and seeing trades that are ready to take and many others that I can put on my watchlist and use some of them soon. The more I understand my strategy and stick with it, the better I see potential trades. It is exciting to me to only work on my trading once a day and then come back to it in 24 hours and see my wins are bigger than my losses.

I love the fact it is something that you can teach yourself and reap the rewards from it.

totally agree with this.

What do I love most about forex trading?

It enables me to be independent.

To elaborate; as long as I have developed a workable trading strategy / system or method, then I can make money no matter what may happen that is outside of my control. The terrible events happening worldwide right now illustrate this perfectly. Forex trading enables one to be independent of a company, a boss (particularly the incompetent ones), timetables, economic calamities and even living locations. This is exactly the reason I started trading.

Many years ago I had a day job like everyone else. It was bad and got worse. I had a terrible bosses, who eventually destroyed most of the business they were in charge of. I had extremely difficult personal life situations to deal with and it just made everything impossible, then in the middle of all that the 2007 economic recession happened. I found myself out of a decent paying job and in a very difficult situation.

I came to the conclusion the best solution was to find an income which didn’t depend on a job which was susceptible to an economic problem or a bad boss. Also where one could work around a situation such as needing to have frequent days off or intermittent times available to work – the ultimate flexible hours type of work. Ultimately I found trading covered all of these aspects.

Forex trading gives me the independence from a job, a boss, independence from a career that may be vulnerable to external forces, timetables as I can work when I want. I can even design a trading system around my hours available to work, such as intra day or end of day. I am independent of locations, so I can work from my laptop and trading journal in any country I choose (that I can legally reside in).

Should a major recession form out of the current pandemic, then trading will continue to offer financial security and independence when jobs get lost and become insecure.

It my humble opinion, it can be the ultimate vocation.


A day after writing this post I found a lighthearted article about working from home that I though really has some funny truths related to working from home, especially Forex trading from home. I thought it deserved to go here because I have experienced some of it.

Here it is; How to work from home: don’t accept your neighbours’ Amazon packages | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett | Opinion | The Guardian


Being right where the price will move and making money without time limits.

I love that it is a skill you cna learn and develop. It helps you to learn more about yourself than many other vocations will. There is the potential for the huge financial benefits it can bring but crucially it can allow us to be completely free from traditional work and the prison of the 9-5. I hope that in time I can go full time and reap these rewards.

It’s like golf. At least early on, you can have a terrible outing, and then you hit that one, almost perfect shot that doesn’t shank off into the next fairway. Or an impossible put that almost goes in. The successes keep you coming back. And they’re both complete mind games, too. No two shots/trades are ever really the same, so you’ve got to concentrate, come up with a plan, and be ready to change that up if need be.

That was a funny read.


I love forex trading as it enables me to work and earn an income. I therefore have to keep up to date with the latest financial news, which is something I love as my background is accounting.However, it teaches me how fundamentals affect price as Im watching price 24/7. An interesting aspect is that the learning never ends. After I discovered a consistently profitable strategy, I am amazed at how all other information fits into this strategy to make it better. i.e. the fine tuning never ends. This has made me a disciplined person and made me look into the finer details of everything around me. However, the best part is an ongoing profitable trade placed using my rules.

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I’m straight to the point, I’ve come here hope to win the prize,because 25 or 50 dollah is way too big in my country, if I win it I can use it to start my first real account. If people said what they loved about forex that’s mean they already real account trader and this prize is meant for the person who really need. I can’t say what I loved about forex YET because demo account can’t reveal my true experience. Also! Sugar rush got unplugged, so I need moolah to buy new steering wheel before Ralph messing with internet again :unamused:.

:joy::joy::joy: had to begin with the emoji although am a newbie to forex trading, have been at it for few months now with all the excitement and having to learn about the market daily. What I love most about trading is that excitement I get Everytime I open a chart and having to learn risk management in trading is absolutely fantastic all thanks babypips makes it less boring :hugs:

The three most important things I like about forex is the virtues which it is instilling in me. The three virtues are patience,greed and FOMO(fear of missing out) especially the first and last virtues ,I had less patience and the fear of missing out on things. Babypips also has taught me about the kind of personality I have and the best trading style to suit me.

What do I love most?

It’s more than -

  • The independence
  • The sole-proprietor business
  • The money potential
  • The challenge
  • The character building part

It’s the process I’m going through in becoming that trader I was born to be.
It’s my God given destiny.

I don’t need any more reason than that.
That’s the most satisfying part.


Forex i love everything about it… because it respects the levels and price action … not like equity market which is totally manipulated as we seen this week dropping 10% and bouncing same next day though not much positive news…

I’ve managed to tame the fear of loosing out. Of course I chew my fingers off but then I adamantly apply one of the baby pips 9 rules of trading divergences, i.e. . ‘If the ship has sailed, catch the next one’.

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Do we get more entries with more replies to this post? :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. :smiley: Just wondering. :thinking:

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