Here for the new guys

nevermind the commercial at the end of the spot.

untill the end it hits very well what you should know.

this could prevent you from posting new threads asking the same questions over and over again.

Not bad tips, but I don’t like if somebody wants to make people believe that he knows the absolute truth and his method is the only way of trading. Cool if it works for him, but a couple of my trading partners and myself are the counter example of #2,#3 and #4. We daytrade and make consistent money from it, using intraday charts, M15, M30, H1. I’d ask Vincent, how is this possible?

Also these timeframes are not random at all. Actually nothing is “random” in the markets. There are too many smart people and professionals in it. It might seem random to Vincent though.

as i said, dont listen to the comercial at the end, only the 10 points are good tips.

“self made millionaire trader” - I seriously doubt that