Here to Learn to Earn

So happy to be a part of this. I hope to connect and share with like minds as we chase these pips together

sounds really good when a newcomer willing to learn , just focus on beginner section with a new level of learning with pips school. good luck

only learning cant bring good amount of earning , besides this you have to make sure more practice session , its the main challenge.

hi and welcome , have you finished any basic level of trading ?

Thank you @Hadden

@PeterBorren thank you for this

Hey @Wara_arif I’ve done the baby school of pipsology. I think that should be a good start

sounds really good that you have already finished the pre school level , good luck to you . happy learning.

Hi and welcome then. :wink:

I really enjoy trading discussions here, there’s so much one can learn from each other’s trades and trading styles. Let’s keep this spirit going!

Hey. Good to see you all excited for learning all about forex. Good luck to you.