Hey, Mace here aka newbie in the community aka you know what is up

Hey everyone, Mace here.

As a lot of people are looking for ways how to make money work for them, not the other way around, I’ve been thinking about trading for quite a while and happened that exactly today my colleague at workplace introduced me to community of babypips…so I thought I might as well join in and start to learn.
Actually, my goal is to learn as much as i can here about trading so later on I could invest in real estate and create my own company.
Actually four years ago i did had a start-up for company, but due to lack of knowledge and not the right people in the team, it was a great lesson to learn from

Also, i’ve been reading Cashflow by Robert Kiyosaki which opened different point of view on how money works and the way how we think of it.

Hoping to have a great experience here

Anyways, greetings from Latvia!

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Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: this is great place to start, good luck :slight_smile: Reagrds Greg

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Hi Mace. Welcome!

Make sure to go through the BabyPips school first.

And while you do that, open a demo account with a forex broker so that you can practice what you learn in BP school and get acquainted with the trading software of your choosing.

That should keep you busy for at least a few weeks.

Hello and welcome to the community Mace! Looking forward to see more of you here and good luck on your goals!

Thank you very much ,baemax023 !

Thank you for the information ,I appreciate that :sunny:

Thank you ,ProfesorPips !

Welcome. There is lots of great stuff on this site, so you should hopefully learn a lot. Use your time wisely during this uncertain time :slight_smile: