Hey ya’ll! New trader here!

Hello all,

A friend recently told me about tradera and the forex market. I love the market but am no completely attached to trader. I’m eager to learn as much as I can and improve my living conditions over all. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

Advice? Hmmm.

How about I just share my view, what I’ve been doing and you can explore here and find lots and lots of other techniques.
I’ve been a trend trader on daily charts for the most part. My records indicate that I do best by observing channels.
I haven’t been really needing the money and so, am relaxed and don’t trade for money but, instead, watch my stats. That is, for quite some time my number of wins is slightly greater than my number of losses . . . and my winners are a little larger than my losers on average. The trades are of a fixed size so, the more opportunities I spot, the larger my account.
Simple math for a simple system. Balanced win/loss ratio and risk/reward ratio plus ample opportunities equals a winning system.

Oh, I will give you some advice anyway. Relax, keep good records and analyze your trades. It’s not the proverbial rocket science. I hope you do well! Keep your enthusiasm!

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Thank you for the reply Bob! It really pays to follow the mindset of those that have been successful before me. This did not fall on deaf ears!
God bless!