Hey y'all, Shout Outs from the Caribbean 🌴

My name is Sigma•D® and I’m a Black, Green and Golder :jamaica:. Apart from being detail oriented, I’m a fast learner :smirk:. I enjoy reading and all forms of art :art::notes:. Forex Trading caught my attention back in highschool and I think it’s Extremely fascinating, from there it became a full on interest. Besides the absence of free time, I haven’t had much Capital or knowledge to start so consider this my Baby steps :yum:. My personal goal is just ENJOYING LIFE IN ALL IT’S ABUNDANCE :fire:through Complete Freedom :leaves:while my Ultimate Goal is enough Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding to keep me on the edge of my seat at all times :grin:.

Hello and welcome,

Hopefully you’ve understood the fundamentals and risks that trading in FX bring about. If you’re unsure please take the free online course (click “Education” on the site menu) right here on Babypips.

As with any other pursuit in life it’s not easy. Longs hours of studying & practicing await. You’ll be taking on positions against some of the brightest minds on the planet when you start trading so it won’t be as easy as some folks claim.

Good luck and all the best! :smiley:

best regards, Dims

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Ahhhhh. Tha Caribbean. :palm_tree: :blush: I’ve always wanted to go on a Caribbean cruise but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon. :sweat_smile: Just a curious question though, if you’ve been fascinated with FX since high school, why did you just start it now? :smiley: How long has it been since you found out about forex? :smiley: Haha. Anyway, good luuuuck! I’ll be cheering for you. :blush:

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Hi from the United States! I bet it’s fun living in the Caribbean, I’m stuck in boring Alabama. Good luck on your trading journey!

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Thanks for the Welcome :blush::heart:

:blush: A friendly advice on that Cruise, You won’t regret taking it :wink: :grin:

Back to my lil world :joy: Here in Jamaica, Education plays a huge role in not only our lives as proud citizens but our economy as well, in a sense where we always strive for the best AND in order to be the best you have to do Exceptional work…you know, TRY TO STAND OUT :smirk: . Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the same if not better opportunities which is why we make the best of what we already have until we are able to climb further up the ladder.

I personally, from a lower Middle Class family, haven’t had access to much opportunities such as being able to make investments, getting a job right away or having strong family support because of factors such as financial instability. I told myself that I wanted to be Greater and based off my knowledge, only Carrot cake :carrot: , Coconut Drops :coconut: and cousins :drooling_face: have met such a person :rofl: That’s a bad joke, I’m only making reference to our reputable delights :blush: .

In order to improve our money situation, we must not expect the process to be effortless. As our wise Jamaican saying advises, “If yuh want good, yuh nose haffi run :sneezing_face: .” Achieving our dreams only meant having the will to work hard and persevere along the pathway until we attain our goals #Real_JamaicanWay (There’s an article on that but I have no permission to post links as a Newbie, maybe later on I’ll be able to share it :man_shrugging: )…so after Highschool I took a stand.

Given my financial situation, College wasn’t looking so affordable. That’s when I found interest in teaching myself everything I needed to know to make my Goals manifest. :nerd_face: Originally, I wanted to become a Automotive Engineer :racing_car: with owning a Tech company :iphone:on the side and that’s where my Primary Focus was. Had 3 jobs 2 years apart until being Quarantined became a trend which mean that my Winning streak (Making money to fund my Future studies) had come to an end. Being home shouldn’t be this taxing to our emotional health :neutral_face: …anway, I made use of my 365 hours (because it felt as much :sleepy: ) reading and researching when I then stumbled across FOREX for the fifth time in 3 years. (I left High school 6 years ago btw :sweat_smile: in addition, it’s embarrassing that I forgot about something I had so much passion for) but the past 6 years was worth the wait if you look at it from a different perspective. I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience over the years prior to my Future Careers and I’m GRATEFUL :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

p.s.: I kinda got carried away with the story telling but I hope you enjoy :see_no_evil:

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Thanks much :smirk:

I’m sure you’ll be of great help :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Ima get right on it

Hey, Thanks a lot for the good wishes :blush::heart:

Hopefully, one day you’ll be able to come experience our atmosphere here. :star_struck:

I’m most definitely sure you’ll enjoy and best of luck to You too :hugs: