Hi All, General Longer Timeframe Question


I have been trading using the cowabunga system for a good few months now with some consistant results :slight_smile: The only thing is I have to dedicate quite a bit of time during the day (GMT) looking at the charts.

I am interested in looking at longer time frames and making daily trades or trades that last a few days and doing my chart analysis in the evenings as well as the day so I can study them for longer.

Does anybody know of any decent systems or in their opinion a good set up for my indicators?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



I use the 3 ducks system as the basis for most of my trades, im often in a trade for several days and it works for me.

Thanks for the response I will give it a look over now

What are you trying to trade? Stocks, Futures, FX? Need to factor in liquidity and volatility.

I only trade FX as this is all I have had experience with, I have looked at the 3 ducks system mentioned and it seems to be pretty sound from what I have read so far but will need to look more in depth at it. I am open to any other views people may have for longer timeframes as I like to read up on things as much as possible and run my own tests, even if I don’t use some things suggested its all great knowledge for me. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hi there,

you can also try Joseph Nemeth’s

system, see this video from

about 45’ in, where he goes through

his approach:

This is more a day-trade style,

but it could work for you…

Simple price action analysis, an understanding of proper risk management and a few indicators is all you really need to start learning how to trade profitably.

Check out my thread if you’re interesting in seeing how I trade, as it’s pretty basic and it works.

You can trade weekly data. You just have to pay attention to rollover costs on those trades that you hold for months at a time.


Oh My God, how tripping , Adrian is back!!

Where have you been hiding??

LOL I am alive.

for trading longer term I would suggest you check out Nial Fuller’s site, get on his mailing list for news letter and commentary, it’s free.

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