Hi all, I'm a newbie here looking for all the help

My names Dylan, I’m new to the whole forex trading world and I’m looking to get to learn the ins and outs of forex trading and looking to make this my second source of income.

Forex is not, and never will be, a source of income. At best it’s speculative with profit and loss being part of the game. Over 70% of Noobs lose their capital by not learning how to trade properly.

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Hey Dylan, you’re at the right place to learn all about the trading world. Simply start your learning with the School of Pipsology and then there’ll be no looking back. Now that this shall be your 2nd source of income, don’t start trading instantly. Rather, spend some time practicing your skills and strategies with a demo account. Don’t get confident if there are profits and similarly don’t be discouraged if you’ve lost. Keep practicing and work on your methodology.