Hi, all

I’m always having problems opening my metatrader platform on my desktop. After the initial download,it always comes with an error reading.Also, the system often read;‘invalid package size’. What do i do? Thanks for your advice.


Hi david,

Need to know a few more things…

What platform are you using i.e. Microsoft XP, VISTA, 200x?
Are you behind a firewall?
How much available drivespace do you have?

is the only error ‘invalid package size’?


Yes, thanks, i use Windows XP. I’m behind a firewall. How do i check my available drivespace? The only error is ‘invalid package size’.Somehow, i’ve been able to download succesfully at the last two occasions and i did login without any hitch. thanks.I hope the problem is solved permanently?


Well I hope it goes well for you!!

Invalid Package (packet) size is a network issue and can be associated with your network setup or the firewall blocking or dropping packets (this is how the ethernet card sends data to and from computers… It splits up the data into managable sizes. Unlike old technology i.e. Token Ring… but that’s another story!!!

If it continues I would have someone check your network out… Is this a home network or a work network? because I can’t use any trading or charting software at work because they block the IP port that they communicate on.

Have a great weekend.