Hi am farooq khan i need help in forex and commodity

hi hope you are doing good,i find baby pips very easy to learn and simplified am following tnx

Good luck!

hello Farooq , most welcome in this community , this place is really appropriate for the traders who are particularly beginners. happy trading

you can start with psychology of school including a practice account which is demo , even though so many beginners dont believe the importance of demo at all.

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baby pips school is a good source but besides this it is more appropriate to trade in a practice account.

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Hello Farooq! Looks like you’ve been here since 2021. How is it going? Did you take a break from trading?

Hi tnx rememring me,after having 8 months break i started again,still trying to get up again n again,

Welcome to the community, Farooq. How has your learning been so far?

That’s great! Have you finished the School here? Good luck on your trading journey!