Hi everone, Newbie here

Hi everyone, kevin here from the UK, started my trading journey few weeks ago completing the babypips school. Currently working as a vehicle technician and hoping to learn the art of trading forex to boost my income and hopefully create financial security for my family.
Happy to be part of the babypips community and looking forward to learn from more experience trader here.

Happy trading to you all.

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Welcome Kevin! You will have an interesting and exciting journey with the markets. Keep in the right mindset and you can achieve anything. I will give you this image for you to start making your own system if you don’t have one already:

Thanks Kian for the welcome and the image, much appreciated.

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Please don’t follow this like a cult, it is merely a starter, I found it useful when I came up with my own system. I tell a lot of people this; trade how you feel most comfortable, every trader is different. You can do it my man!

Hi Kevin and welcome. You can learn a lot from here. :slightly_smiling_face: