Hi everybody, I'm a newbie

I wanted for years learn how to trade. Always thought it was out of reach for me cos I’m not the fastest horse on the track, but I never stop to run towards my goals and dreams.
I want to be able to trade and make living by in the future knowing that I’ve to be disciplined, structured, organised, have a plan for each trade etc.
Please tell me all your tips advice etc. I’m open and forthcoming.

I am a family man with a son❤and living partner❤.

Hobbies are dart, golf reading and socialising with people.

Have a read of the forum, there is an abundance of tips. Don’t expect them all to come to you :slight_smile: You have to go get it

Welcome! Since you’re brand new, have you been through the School of Pipsology? It’s the best place to start and get the required skills. Take your time learning and practice with demo until you are consistently profitable. Good luck!