Hi everybody, it's nice to meet all of you

Hi, my name is tqv042006. My friends introduced me to Forex and then proceeded to blow up my account three times. After the third time, I decided I could not do any worse so I jumped in with a demo account. That was nearly 4 years ago and I admit that I am still learning. But it is fun and I am finally seeing some results. I cannot retire off my trading profits but at least my family and I can take a nice vacation and not have to worry about the bill once we return. I only trade twice a day now and there are days where I do not trade at all. My main time is the London closing period and the New York closing window. I am hoping to meet up with others who might trade at these times. I would love to bounce some ideas off you.

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Just make sure that you trade demo before you go live, learn a strategy and then once you are profitable then go live.

Hello and welcome! Looking forward to hear more about your trading experiences. See you around and good luck!