Hi everybody

Hello to you all.I been in this journey for around 9 months . I from Israel. until now i played with small account lost little bit as we all did when we were young and stupid and thought trade is an easy thing . I stopped opened a demo and playing for all this time just to learn and try new things. i read some books and almost all the forums including the baby pips academy:20: . My journey only started , my goal changed money is not important to me any more it only confuses me. the real goal is play like professionals yes i say to play as it just a game wolves against ships and i want to be a wolf . Well that’s it see you on the forum and strategy

Hi dani12,

We’re glad to have you here in the BabyPips Community. We also have regularly updated blogs: BabyPips Blogs (written by experts) on different Forex topics. :slight_smile:


Wahoo! you sound really direct and ambitious I must say, one must always fight hard to succeed he or she does, no matter how small it might seem. Welcome to the forum, the best one in my opinion!