Hi Everyone - Complete FX Noob

Hey there folks,
I’m a 32 y/o Tax Accountant and sometimes tech consultant from the US. I’ve always wanted to try to build another revenue stream and FX has always interested me (I really enjoyed Macroecon in school, tho technical analysis really fascinates me too). I know it’s not an easy or quick journey and I’m cool with that. I’ll be going pretty slow no matter what while I juggle life, a neverending tax season, and finishing my MSA… This site and the resources here look really amazing and I’m grateful it exists.

Looking forward to starting Pipsology Preschool! Woot!
Best to you all.

Welcome! I hope you’re enjoying the Preschool! Don’t forget to take the quizzes after each lessons! Good luck!

Thanks! Yeah, I took the first quiz, which was great. Really polished and high-quality content. Since I have so many simultaneous work and academic responsibilities, I can tell this is going to take me a very long time to get through, but I’m not in a hurry, just going to take it slow and start demo trading at some point in a few months.