Hi everyone! Here I am ready to learn!

Finally I found a place that I can start learning from the basics, my goal is to grow another income stream.

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welcome and good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks really appreciate it!!!

Please understand that FX trading is speculative and never ever a regular income stream. Picture an elevator going up and down with your capital. Most traders lose money instead. That’s the reality.

You will have to learn more than the basics to become proficient, probably many months, or even years, of damn hard work to succeed.

best of luck.

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I really appreciate the feedback and I completely agree with you, I know it will not be an easy path but as you said about months of hard work, I am willing to put the hard work and I"ve learned that every challenge brings it lessons so, I will do my best to learn from those lessons and grow from there.

Thanks for sharing wisdom Steve really appreciated!


basic knowledge is more important to start Forex trading in a proper way , be active in beginner section and learn from psychology of school , it will be great for you , have very good journey.

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learning is the only way to survive with successfully , otherwise there is no way , sounds good that you willing to learn, you can start with baby pips school which is the foremost source to bring all basic knowledge and information.

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This is the right place. :slight_smile:

Try babypips.com/school

You can also find other references here…

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Hello everyone, glad to join your community