Hi everyone i'm astro

Very new to trading in general but one of my cousins has told me to begin learning this as I’m learning data analysis can put some of my skills to use here. Excited to learn with you guys

Hey Astro. What kind of data analysis you are learning?

Hi Stanka, the data anaylsis I’m learning is for research purposes within psychology and cognitive sciences. After I’m done with school I want to perform analysis for research labs and growing companies.

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Welcome! If you haven’t been through the School of Pipsology yet, you should check it out. Looking forward to seeing your progress.Good luck!

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Welcome to the community, @astroferrari. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start for beginners. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

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Hii @astroferrari, your cousin has given you an excellent suggestion. Learning trading will help you predict the market’s future based on its current movement. All the best