Hi Everyone. New Member

I am fairly new to trading. I am in the Real Estate industry and am looking to make extra money through trading. I was introduce to babypips by a family member.

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its really a informative forum in online particularly for the traders who are newcomers , so try to enjoy the environment.

Welcome to the community. Hope you are ready to learn more about forex trading.

hi and welcome

Welcome to the forum!
Hopefully, you find great info/tips from here.

making money from trading is not a minor deal , need a very long time experience with a great level of patience.

Active forum with a lot of info. However it misses the most important part of trading, which is market maker trading. Trading with the big money is what will give you the edge :+1:

the very common suggestion for newcomers , trade in a demo account and keep busy with psychology of school.

have a wonderful journey on this community , i hope the journey you have started already will be awesome

Goof thing you have the RE to keep you afloat as making money from trading is easier said than done and many never get there. Focus on the process without stressing about money and you stand a better chance

As a new trader, you should learn all the basics first.

As is everybody, but the reality is you’ll most likely lose money instead. Ignore social media marketing hype, it’s fantasy land. That’s why this great education site offers you a learning path on how to trade properly and proficiently.

best of luck.