Hi Forum members

Hi all,

I am a newbie to this forum. My name is John Smith from Australia. I found this community through a google search. I am interested in forex trading, Just want to know more about forex trading and investment. Hopefully, I will get more knowledge and start trading in the forex.

Welcome. Your in the right place, so go about the school of pipsology and the rest will be history. Cheers

hello John, nice to have you here! Its a great forum where you can get some information that will get you involved in trading.

Will you be trading the AUD? You must have some great insights about the Australian economy. Are you more a technical or fundamental trader?

welcome John , i have so many friends whos name John. good to see you. happy learning

go through the pre school level and trade in a demo account, its very supportive

hello to all

Hello! Welcome to the Babypips community! If you want to learn about Forex, I recomend going through the School of Pipsology here on Babypips and then asking forum members if you have any questions.

i also appreciate baby pips school for learning , but i also recommend regular practice besides learning.

Hello everyone,

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thanks for your nice suggestion , learning can be really useless devoid of having practice regularly.