Hi from Iran

Hi dear members of babypips.
Let me introduce myself : Im 20 . I study accounting in university and living in a country that placing forex orders needs an intermediarie company(in past we had brokers here but now we dont , due to some laws in order to prevent from currency exiting )
Im kinda new to forex trading and found this forum usefull . Hope that learn as much as possible from you guys .

Iran… Interesting.

Welcome my friend. Well if we can help you in any way, please feel free to ask.

hey welcome,

just out of curiocity, what spreads and fees on trades to you guys have over there?

what broker are you guys using? is there a developed broker in iran? i mean there cant be any developed broker yet as you were cut off from finacial markets for 30 years or so.

what broker are you using?

unfortunately i dont read/talk persian and i have a question. where could i find contact to legal services regarding banks and brokers in iran- in englisch or at least a phone number i could call and someone answares in englisch? can you give me a hint maybe by any chance? any help would be very appreciated.

Turbo sees an opportunity… :smiley:

Good to have you, welcome!

Hi dude

We were cut off from “forex”. Its illegal here as I said . There are some companies that act like a middle man.One of them that I know,it puts your money on brokers like fibo,alpari and windsor and it seems it doesnt get commission(maybe it has some shares with these brokers, i duno)

Man check your PMs.

definately! all germany is nuts about Iran right now since the sanctions have been removed last year. 70+ million people, used to be a strong developed economy etc, it is a big future market and everyone wants to be first there.

Hey Amir Thank you for your help and your PM bro, very much appreciated!

You are welcome dude !
But just out of curicity can I know I helped you in what way ? I mean for what purpose and plan.
You know what ? You seem like an active and bright businessman. I realy appreciate that .

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