Hi From The UK


I’ve just joined this site in an effort to learn about Forex trading. I have tried finding out about UK based courses but not had a lot of luck finding anything that does not appear to be a scam! Is there anyone on here now trading successfully that has learned everything they know from the Pip School?

Thanks in advance!


Good luck in the New Year, first of all. Not sure everything that learned is the way to describe it. Sometimes people’s emotions and other factors come in to play. If you got fundamentals may be see how to manage the risk. Try to learn more about diversification, baskets, good brokers with minimum lots and good spreads. Basically things that will lower your risk. Check out in forums, ways to diversify, good broker in brokers discussions and so on.

Trading is a fairly unique way to make money, one that does not require you to have had formal lessons, hold a licence, get a qualification or anything else that normal life and our (western) educational experiences and jobs have told us are really important.

Its complicated, mentally very tough and there is far more to learn than you would need to be at all successful. Its maybe like hiking. If you can walk, you can start to hike. You won’t want to cross the Alps on your first hike but you certainly don’t need a training course to tell you how to put one foot in front of the other.

The first thing to do is not to get trained, it is to learn from what is free, experiment with demo trading and then try small-scale trades via your own strategy.

Having learned this much, you will ironically then better understand what you need to learn from training - if you still need it. And this site has some good really resources.

Look forward to chat or email. Note the UK has the most currencies volume out there.