Hi Guys New Guy Here

Hi Guy… I’m new here… let’s catch some pips

this is a most knowledgeable forum we have in online , i hope you will be benefited . have a good journey

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lots of trading instruments on there , just focus on what you need , hope for the best

most welcome in this community, this forum is really friendly , i hope you will enjoy the environment

can you please make sure whats your trading condition right now ? are you a new in trading or any experience ?

Welcome to the community, @SandeepRattan. Are you new to trading too or just new here?

I’m just new here… want to learn how to catch the pips

Hello and welcome! I’m wishing you luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Hello mate, welcome to babypips. This is one of the best forums for people who want to earn money and learn something about forex trading. All the best

Hi and welcome! Get stuck into the course on the education tab and practice as much as you can.