Hi I’m here and it’s nice to meet you

Hi. I’m Todd from New Zealand :new_zealand: and want to learn more and have some fun along the way. I’m hoping to to learn a strategy, make friends, make some money and see where that takes me :blush:


Hi. I’m Lyn from Australia and I’m here for much the same reason. I have a little knowledge, and a little experience trading micro lots, but the more you find to read, the more you find to read! It seems we’re always learning.

Hello Todd! :blush: Welcome welcome to BP! :smiley: I hope we also get to interact and learn together! :blush:

welcome to here Mate , its a friendly place to learn something more , feel free to ask any question particularly about your trading strategy.

hi and welcome. im from the UK :slight_smile: and really looking forward to learning more from this community

I think it’s also good to find an environment that doesn’t seem to be full of advertising and scams :blush:

Amen to that. How many times do we sit through a webinar only to find it’s a sales pitch for some new magic formula/indicator/course/blah, blah. My email has so much spam because I’m sure some sites come back 3 fold when I unsubscribe! Babypips has so much good information. It’s a great starting point.

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hi todd. nice to meet you too mate. welcome.

Hi Todd, nice to meet you and welcome to the club. If you want to make your trading fun then this is the right place to be. Here you can find a lot of decent people ready to share with you there experience. Is forex trading that common and popular in New Zealand?

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Welcome here. I am also learning from the day before yesterday. Hope that you will have a good stay. Happy trade.

Welcome. Fun and forex are 2 separated things. Clear for yourself what are you want. If its forex, then read, learn, practice it in demo and then try in real, but do not risk what you cant afford to lose.

Hello Todd! Welcome to the BabyPips! Good luck in finding a strategy that will work for you! See you around.

Good to see people from all over the world

the best and only strategy that has been used since the cave man started trading bones to make tools and weapons
is supply and demand focus on this concept like a laser beam and your journey will not be a waste of time

Hi Todd! Welcome to babypips! Are you going through the school or are you already in the process of trying out a strategy. Let’s all make money while meeting new friends. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Welcome Todd! Good luck on your journey :blush:

Hi Todd, it’s nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I can not assure you of fun in this platform, since we discuss business more than we have fun. The best thing to do is to identify a strategy that can work for you and test it first on Demo before going into real trading. Ensure you are disciplined enough to make a trading plan and follow it