Hi, I’m new and clueless!

I was recently asked to join a team that requires you to pay $200 a month to subscribe to their lessons and information about forex and trading, so, I figured I would come here instead and learn it for free. I should’ve applied myself years ago, but I guess it’s never too late. I want to live with passive income and be able to travel as much as I can before I die. I’m here to help myself with the help of all of you.

you can break up trading into component s ,basic knowledge,the actually action and psychology ect all the basic knowledge is free on here.You can then gain experience on a Demo account .Trading is like most things in life, practice and experience required

Don’t pay for anything, it is a scam.

The trades they show are most likely fake.

The people trying to get you to pay are most likely paid a commission to recruit gullible morons.