Hi, I want to be a FX PRODIGY

My name is Inekela Christ (TrustInGod)
I’m new to forex ,but I want to be a prodigy. Anyone?

Hi, I’m not sure what your question is sorry?
If you want validation of becoming a prodigy then to be honest the odds are not in your favour…
I would say that over 90% of traders fail because they have unrealistic expectations, exactly like yourself.
I don’t want to discourage you, I hope I read about you in the new Market Wizards book.
My advice… if you want it… would be to be more realistic about your goals from Forex.
If you have $500 in your account and after 12 months you have $500 in your account after taking a number of trades you would be doing better than most that are new to forex.
Start with aiming not to blow your account, then move into making a couple of percent a month consistently.

I hope you do well,

Well now, a prodigy might be a challenging goal. :sweat_smile: How long have you been demo trading?

LOL. You can’t “want” to be a prodigy. You either are one or you’re not. You’ll find out once you start trading.

In any case, welcome and I hope you discover that you are indeed a prodigy.

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Welcome to BabyPips, @InekelaChrist. We’re glad to have you here. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start.


Thank you very much Nate, that was honest and appreciated. I’m going to go through these lessons while practicing on a (metatrader) demo account. I’m a student here in Southern Africa and between Uni fees and day to day livelihood, I don’t have much to invest at the moment. After finishing the lessons and gaining confidence from practice, I’ll probably start with a $100.

I think I’ll take that 5 months as my milestone. If you don’t mind, can you recommend a broker or two?

Thank you for your response.

I just started this week, and i’m still learning.I’ll give myself months to practice and read up , before I actually start a real account.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you ZianFx. I agree, the education section is really informative. I’ll definitely use it well.

Now that seems like a more realistic approach :blush: if you don’t have much money to start that is fine you can still learn and practice on a demo account. If you can learn and show that you can trade and make consistent percentages each month with minimal drawdown then there are plenty of trade copy sites out there and people will pay you to copy your trades! So master the skill and the money will flow to you. Regarding brokers I don’t like to recommend as every country has different regulations but a google search for regulated brokers should give you a good place to start.
I hope you do well :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hello and welcome InekelaChrist. Work hard in learning and practicing. You don’t need to become a prodigy, being profitable is enough.

Hi, my advice to you and I’m sure everyone will agree about that… Learn first then earn…

there’s a lot to learn and practice before trading live.

Good luck.

Good luck with the School and looking forward to your trading progress!

Is it even possible to “want” to be a prodigy.? Isn’t it something that you have in you since birth?!

Rather than wanting to be forex prodigy which kinda made no sense considering you do not have any knowledge in forex before, but regardless of that, it is always good to idea to start off learning more about forex and give it a time to see if you can master the forex trading.
All the best.

What is the FX prodigy currently doing? Is he still here?

One could hope to become an expert but prodigy? Isn’t that something you’re born with, like an inherent talent or something. So if you are not a magical number cruncher, sorry to say but you’ll have to learn forex the hard way!