Hi Im A newbie my name is Russ

I started trading in November 2015, have not seen a single dollar in return, I have invested over 60K and most of it was lost in trading by New VP broker with BLOOMBEX-OPTIONS they keep promising me the world but still havent seen anything I still have 30K in the account and weighing on taking it and moving on. I havent been able to reach anyone that would help me in the last few days and am stuck. does anyone have any advise for me?

hey Russ I’m not sure how you acquired 60k to start with but I will assume you are a smart guy to have that much money to play with. Maybe you have a high paying job or maybe this is your hard earned life savings but either way I find it difficult to believe that you would still take advice from any one else after losing so much. Why not take a smaller amount to learn with? Maybe try to generate a weekly return of 1% with 5000 and step up to 10 grand once you consistently hit that target. You can also try to supplement it with some signal service. Take this advice with a grain of salt because I don’t even make 30grand a year. Best of luck to you man.