Hi, I'm a Newbie Too

I’ll be a college graduate in a couple of weeks, I’m excited and high-key low-key anxious about my future and career. My 60y/o mama has been studying the market for the last year and honestly speaking the market and all its “terms and strategies” excite her. She asked to pass the knowledge onto me and hopefully create a better life for myself in this economy and I guess overall. I am excited to learn everything there is to learn and anxious about not being consistent (I struggle with being inconsistent).

Otherwise, I believe with self-discipline and intentions I can accomplish right about anything and offer my mama, my family, and mostly myself a soft life. My mom referred me here and also, she said “you can’t always be ready, wake up and start doing it” and tadaa!

If you want my honest opinion, FX trading may not suit you or your lifestyle. Think of it as another few years of college learning to be a successful FX graduate. There are no short cuts and the glamour of social media marketing hype is just fantasy land.

The reality is, it’s boring. But while you’re here have fun experimenting on a demo account. Best of luck.

most welcome in this community , this is really a good and knowledgeable forum we have in online , i hope you will enjoy the environment with great level of learning something new. thanks

welcome to this Forex world. good journey , enjoy your stay

Hello and welcome!