Hi I'm Alan

Hello everybody,

I have been trading professionally full time for 15 years, I will be posting some updates here.

If any one has any questions please send me a message.


I mostly trade us stocks, eurusd and the s&p futures.

Please tell me your last name is Rich.

Hey Alan,
You ever run into Phil Newton much these day’s?

Finally gotten fed up Sharky’s shack huh :slight_smile:

Are you by any chance the lucky owner of Forex and Stock Trading Training by Alan Rich :slight_smile:

There are no flies on you are there, lol.

What’s the significance of the lucky part of his ownership?

I am the lucky owner… Work Hard, Trade Harder!

Hi Alan,

Why did you take much time to join this forum? Were you not familiar with it?

I have recently started working with some young internet gurus and they have convinced me to be more of a part of the online community. :slight_smile:

Hope my posts can help people understand how I see the makets.


Yes Alan, your posts will help to new traders. I hope, you will share your experience with us.