Hi need advice?

i thought if i have three signals software and two of them gave the same alerts then best take that signal after looking long hours browsing the net i decided to take the following alerts software 1-dashboard 2-fxta3-forexsignals.net the whole point of what i am doing here is that i am still not able to make my own decision if any of you out there is willing to help me i will be glad thanks guys

First you should read School of Pipsology to cover the basics so you wouldn’t have problems understanding what the signals are telling you :wink:

Signals are a good indicator of whats going to happen, but not what you should solely rely on. Economic data is best found via newsfeeds.

I’d be very cautious about using multiple signalling systems like that. Do you know how they all work? I mean all the calculations and rules that create the signals. You first need to know that they are all complimentary and not conflicting, and that they operate in the same trading time horizon.

More importantly, though, you need to sort things out mentally. You would seem to have a need to accept the fact that trading means taking the risk of things not working out. Making your own decision is not the problem. You’re doing that by chosing signal providers. It sounds to me that the problem is that you are seeking more validation of your trading ideas (or those provided by a system) than you are likely to ever get.

You will probably not often get a bunch of systems to all agree on a signal at the same time, and if you do it might be a sign to go the opposite way. :cool:

thanks guys for your post