Hi, new to the group with my first question πŸ–πŸΌ

Hi everyone,

Short story on my trading journey.

I’ve been trading for a year now, had a lot of ups & downs, learnt a lot along the way.

I have my own strategy in place now, a combination of everything I have learnt, it has been very successful, however, I rely heavily on the bull/neutral/bear short/medium/long chart on the website.

I want to learn what is used to get this specific information so I can learn it for myself.

Can somebody help me with this please

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This makes no sense. Can you be more specific, please? Posters, including me, like things simple.

Sorry for the confusion. I want to learn exactly how they get this information

Thanks for the chart. Now I understand. It is similar to the market milk Heat map which I review before making a trade. You might also find it useful.

Basically, it’s taking a technical anylise view on what is happening in the FX market. Which is like tossing a coin.

I can guarantee that when you take a trade it’s in the hands of the gods what happens next. Never any guarantees

On Friday last I took a buy position on AUD/USD
4h bullish trend at 9am uk time. Immediately it went into a downward trend against all the TA signals. I could not fault my entry position.

Fortunately my S/L was wide enough to fail the retracement and the bullish trade recovered to a day’s closing position of breakeven.

Just goes to show there are no guarantees.

I have found it to be very useful, to the point of market changing direction & this indicator notifying me before I realised myself saving me money.

I have either been very lucky or the combination of what I have learnt along the way & support from this indicator is working (& I’ve had my fair share of losses)

i hope you got the answer , stay Cool

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