Hi World! Nice to meet you all

My name is Mike, Nice to join babypips community, top-rated educational portal. Ready to learn n share!


Hi Mike, how you doing mate.

ok… head over to the education tab if you haven’t already
don’t forget to use the SEARCH BAR at the top right corner if you have questions, BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. ok
make sure you are on demo

before choosing a broker, search
scam brokers in the search bar to tell you who not to pick , so that you don’t end up being one of the many that say “i didn’t know, he scammed me, please help, how do i get my money back” hehe

if you have questions ask,
but research first… don’t be a lazy trader

be cool mate

Hello and welcome to the forum! We’re all looking forward to your contributions!

you chose the best website welcome

Hello SpiritTrader. And welcome on behalf of the forum. You look like an excited newbie. But don’t let that excitement ever control your decision making power. Emotions are hard to control in this world but if you want to be successful, keep them in bay.

Hi Mike! Welcome to babypips! Babypips is really the best in terms of learning fx! They have simplified everything for us. Are you done with the school? :slight_smile: