Hi y’all its NiNjaNic

Hi i wanna try make money

So how do you plan to do that? This is a serious education site which will lead you in the right direction if you work hard for many months.

best of luck.

Same here! :smiley: Haha. I feel like we all have that goal. Just know that forex isn’t a get rich fast process and good luuuck! :smiley:

Look for other means of doing so online then. Being blunt, most people never make money in forex and only lose. Most people come in with the idea of making money but you have to put that right on the back burner to get anywhere. Doctors and lawyers earn good money but they don’t go in because they want to earn good money. There has to be another driving force.

Welcome to the community, @NiNjaNic. As what others will also tell you, you have to learn before you earn. Start with the education section here.