Hi Y'all! I'm Ali the Newbie!

Greetingfs from Nigeria
I am not new to forex but consider me a newbie because I’ve not been making good use of my forex knowledge, I’ve blown a couple of live accounts and demo accounts due to impatience and other stuff that leads to blowing of accounts lol. I have also invested a good amount of money trying to learn forex before finding out about babypips. I want to add that I’ve given up a coupke of times after loosing money and began likening forex to gambling😣 Now I’ve realised I was introduced to forex wrongly and thougght it was a get rich quick scheme. Now that I understand better, I decided to give it one more shot but didnt want to loose any more money until I was confident in my trading skill, so I’m here to start learning as a newbie should, I hope to enjoy this journey with my fellow newbies and gurus in this community. I hoipe you guys welcome me with open arms😊

Hi, sorry to hear about your lost on the forex market :frowning: consider it a learning cost and start learning forex in a different and better way :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg