What’s up, everyone? Another fresh newbie here, so just wanted to say hi, introduce myself, and begin my journey which I will try to document through this forum. I’m in my thirties, live in New York, and looking to chart a new course for myself like many of us here. Btw, thank you for offering this fantastic resource and community; greatly appreciated! I’m already excited! :32:

Off to babypips schooling for me.


Welcome aboard.
Just be realistic about the process for the first few years, and realize you won’t become a baller millionaire over night.

Trading longevity is achieved by making gains over time, not over night.
Realize this, and I’d argue you’re ahead of 50% of the pack.


Hi, Jake, and thank you- appreciate it. And you’re absolutely right, of course; certainly don’t expect to become a millionaire over night. But I like what you wrote and thanks for this first lesson: [I]trading longevity is achieved by making gains over time and not over night[/I]. I WILL remember this. Trying to learn as much as possible so that by the time I’m forty, I can see actually, consistent, and realistic gains.

Back to pipsology school. :wink: