Just wanted to say big hi!

Forex has always been a mystery to me, but once I started researching and learning about it, I have to say I think I’m hooked!

Have been reading through School of Pips, which is fantastic.

Anyways, I’m trying to build myself with enough knowledge so I can become a full time trader and eventually leave my boring office career behind. Would be nice to finally have a job I actually enjoy :wink:

I will probably have lots of questions, so apologies in advance!

Hope to see you guys around the forum!

you are welcome and i’m too a neww here but i’m old in the forex markets

Hi! Thanks for the positive feedback on our School! How’s trading going so far?

Its not, I’ve opened two demo accounts and am dumbfounded at the amount of info available. Combine that with everything you have to learn and it can be overwhelming. All I wanted to do was check out the days graphs against some fib indicators, who thought I’d actually spend two hours with support just trying to get in the demo account!

I’m really keen on making some money, even if its only a couple bucks, just so I can get past the sceptical block of ‘does this stuff actually make real money?’.

My thinking going forward is to find a single very simple strategy that I like and can make a couple pips a day on. I think that will allow me to concentrate on a very small footprint and grow it out at my own pace, tinkering with new research methods, strategies, indicators etc.

Why don’t you follow the trading blogs to see how the indicators and fundamentals are being used? Forex Blog Updates: FX Currency Trading News, Tips & Education Blogs I suggest you just keep it simple first (pick one or two indicators, combined with some market analysis) so that you don’t get overwhelmed.